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We carefully take your unique and beautiful stories, memories and thoughts, and hand-craft them into a great song that fits exactly what you’re trying to say – in a way that words alone simply cannot.  The perfect surprise for your new bride or husband-to-be or special someone in your life!

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Make your upcoming engagement, wedding, anniversary or celebration extra special with your very own custom written song and lyrics.  We carefully take your unique and beautiful stories & memories and craft them into a song that fits what you’re trying to say!  Your songs is written and recorded by our close team of seasoned writers & musicians based out of the Phoenix metro area.  Our passion is that you get a meaningful keepsake that not only personalized to you only, but sounds great too! Every song is made with love!

Love Story Soundtracks are a truly meaningful way to tell that special someone just how special they are at just the right moment!

What’s included:

  • (1) Full Length Custom Song (3 min+)
  • Original Lyrics & Melody
  • Professionally Recorded & Mastered Mp3
  • Full Permissions for Video & Social Media

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After your purchase is complete, you will be emailed a receipt containing a link to our awesome Love Story Submission form! It can also be found HERE Questions that you should be prepared to answer are the following: 1. Order Number - found on the top of your emailed receipt to the address provided. 2. Song Type - Wedding, Anniversary, Father/Daughter Dance, etc. 3. What would you name your song? 4. If you had 5 sentences to tell this person how you feel, what would you write? 5. What is the message you would like to relay in this song? 6. What do you love and/or remember the most about this person? 7. Any special names, places, dates, seasons, smells, sounds that are special? 8. Name a few songs that you would imagine it being similar to. 9. Any special delivery instructions, deadlines, communications, etc.Whola! That's it! www.LoveStorySoundtracks.com/love-story-submission
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