Once we have your order and your love story submission form, the writing and recording process takes 8-10 business days.  Our writers spend hours on each track composing original lyrical content based on your answers a melody is composed based on your musical preferences specified on the Love Story Submission Form.

If you would like to take a look at the questions on the form, you may visit our Submission Form Page.  Note: All submissions without an order number will be disregarded unless its for one of our contest purposes.

We’ve developed a series of questions that can give us pretty great songwriting results!  Before you submit, please take some time and answer whichever questions apply to you as best as possible so we can get you a song that’s perfect!

  • What type of song is it?
  • What would you name your song?
  • If you could write how you feel in 5 sentences, what would you say?
  • What is the main message you would like to relay in this song?
  • What do you love or remember the most about this person?
  • Any names, places, dates, seasons, smells, sounds that are special?
  • Name a few songs that you would imagine it being similar to.
  • Any special delivery or communication instructions (for surprises, etc)

Yes!  You absolutely get 100% freedom to share on social media, use in your wedding video or even make CD’s and give to your family and friends!  You may use your song however you like for entertainment & keepsake purposes.

With the popularity of mobile music such as iTunes, Google Play & Spotify, we offer our Digital Distribution services which makes your song available for download and streaming on these services.  This is a fantastic & hassle-free way to share your song with the world! See next:

If you purchase an option with digital release included, your song will be distributed on the most popular music download platforms through our service.  Once your song is recorded & mastered to professional standards, it is submitted for review and addition to iTunes, Google Play & Spotify.

Our digital distribution is a service that we provide you for convenience.  Each song goes through screening for lyrics, content & quality before it can be released on these platforms; all which require submission fees and recording studio time.  Because of the quantity of music submitted by our publishing department, we get substantial savings which allow us to pass this service onto our customers.

Love Story Soundtracks retains the publishing & sound recording rights to all recorded and digitally released music.  Customer has full usage permissions. (See Can I Use My Song Online)

Of course you can!  Please be sure to advise of any special delivery or communication instructions on you Love Story Submission form.  All our songs are written with love from beginning to end – and we want to make sure your entire experience is perfect!

Just include any details that will help us make it the perfect gift!

Yes!  Every song is specifically written both lyrics and music for each individual project.  We do this for multiple reasons… We want you to have a truly meaningful song that isn’t just some edited in lyrics over a song we’ve heard a million times.  Our creative team puts our lyrical and musical minds together to create something special for each and every customer.

As a production company, we are also under the same copyright guidelines as major artists in the market.  We have to uphold our integrity and standards as professionals in this industry – so you can rest assured that no two projects are alike!

Getting started on your order is easy!  Just visit our Order page and select an option to begin your order.  In your emailed receipt you will find a link to our Love Story Submission form.  You will click this link and answer the questions (FAQ #2) on the form.

Once we’ve received your submission, our writers get to work on your song right away!  Standard digital delivery time is 8-10 business days with 72-hour rush service available as well.

You will find three different options which make ordering very simple.  You can choose from a song only, song plus digital release on itunes, or rush service which includes the digital release as well.

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